Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Zio Nicola and family

Here is another picture of my great-uncle Nicola who passed away this week. In the picture from right to left is my cousins Matteo, Mauritzia, Matteo's wife Kai, my great-aunt Adele and Uncle Nicola. This picture was taken this past Christmas. He will be dearly missed.


Anonymous said...

Hi Angelo
just found your blog - nice but was saddened to read about your zio Nicola. Certainly won't be the same arriving into Sonnino and walking past the butcher shop without him standing at the door....that's how I always remember him.
My mum (Angiolina Gasbarrone) has a funny story about your zio Nicola from when she was a young girl learning to be a dressmaker. If you have an email address, I can write to you about it.
cheers from Perth, Australia
(Daiana Dei Giudici)

Angelo said...

Hi Daiana,

I would love to hear any stories about Zio Nicola. You can email me at

He is dearly missed.


Anonymous said...

Hi Angelo,

I'm Nicola, and your uncle is my gran-father.
I am the soon of Enrico.
I'm happy when I have see this picture because I know than my Grand-father lives in the thoughts of american family.
Sorry for my bad english!!!
Thanks for the pictures...
Good bye!