Thursday, February 28, 2008

A little Sonnino History: Sonnio's boundry lands

Sonnino – Museum of the boundary lands

Founded in 2004 and started in 2005, its development is still in progress.
The Museum of the boundary lands collects the signs of the anthropologic deeds of the boundaries of Sonnino.

The whole history of Sonnino is, in fact, impregnated of “boundaries”: from the century old conflicts with Priverno, to the brigands in the free zone between the Papal State and the Kingdom of Naples. And each year, the boundaries are passed along by the night procession, the Feast of the Torches, which has become the symbol of the community.

Sonnino, a small town castled on the Musoni mounts, is placed on the southern extreme pieces of land of the Ciociaria, which, up to the ‘30ties, belonged to Frosinone and that once was the extreme limit of the State of the Church (the “Marittima”).

Finally, the boundary in the exhibition is represented as the arrival point of the community process and, at the same time, point of escape in order to get in relation with the external world.