Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Rastime: Te Pozzeno Da No Lampo!

As I have writen before, "rastime" are old Sonnninese sayings that, while sounding rude, are said with love.

This weeks rastime is : Te pozzeno da no lampo

This translates to "I hope you get struck by lightening"

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Anonymous said...

Hi Angelo;
I'm Sonninese by birth living in Australia since 1968; I'm a regular visitor to the Sonnino Info web site and your blog; as I grew up and attended primary school in Sonnino before moving to Tivoli with my parents I had quite an upbringing within the community and with my grandmother born in 1870 who hardly new pasta and spaghetti as we know it novadays; I remember a particular time when for the first time she saw one of my older cousing with a Benelli motorbyke and she could not understand how the headlight could work without a candle or oil lantern of some sort. However I hope you allow me to suggest a correction without offending you in relation to the "rastima" listed in your blog; the english translation in singular is perfect as normally used; the actual dialect is normally on the singular rather than plural; the "rastima" is usually directed singularly as follows: "Te pozza da no lampo" or occasionally in plural as "ve(soft sound like a w" pozza da no lampo"
I will be happy to keep in touch if you like and keep sharing facts and other interesting aspect of our great town.
Kind Regards
Alberto Dei Giudici
Perth Western Australia