Monday, October 22, 2007

The Sonninese dialect

The last time I was in Sonnino my great uncle Nicola and cousin Luciano gave me book that has an Italian/Sonninese glossary. I plan to post the the translations on the blog...starting today with words that begin with the letter A. I've included a picture of took looking down on Sonnino scalo at dusk.

Sonnino, Italy


Anonymous said...

I'm from Sonnino and Your blog struck me. in fact we who live every day in our country we do not understand how this could miss who has not the good fortune to see him every day.I send you a dear health from sonnino. GL

ciao,io sono di Sonnino e il tuo blog mi ha colpito. in effetti noi che viviamo quotidianamente nel nostro paese non capiamo quanto questo possa mancare a chi non ha la fortuna di vederlo ogni giorno.ti mando un caro saluto da sonnino

CresceNet said...
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