Sunday, October 28, 2007

Children from Sonnino folk dancing

This is a link to a website that has children from Sonnino doing traditional folk dances. You can view the video by clicking on the image on the Right side of the page.
Musiche del Lazio


Tony said...

Hi Angelo, You have a great Blog here. Thanks for the wonderful pictures, stories, and sounds - inspiring. Both of my great grandparents also left Sonnino for Syracuse in 1910 (Vincenzo Camilli b.1885, Elizabeth De Paolis b.1884). I'll be the first in my family to head over to Sonnino in a few days - Dec 27. I have no idea what will happen but am looking forward to seeing and feeling the home of my ancestors.

Angelo said...

Hi Tony,

Thanks for posting. I'm excited for you to visit Sonnino. If'd you'd like suggestions or are looking to make contacts please email me...I'd love to help.