Thursday, October 30, 2008

Sonninese Sign Language: Part 1

I asked my Zio Nicola to demonstrate some of what I call "Sonninese sign language". These are the hand gestures you see all throughout Sonnino. This first one is a classic and maybe the most common. This is the gesture one uses when you like what you've just eaten. If somebody asks, "do you like the carchofi (artichokes)", this is how you respond.


Anonymous said...


I have no idea what those signs mean! LOL.
But my grandparents were also from Sonnino. My grandfather's name is Luigi Cocuzza. Are there any Cocuzza's out there? I plan on visiting Italy soon and do you know any good places to stay in the city/area?

John Moss
Las Vegas, NV, USA

mruneare said...

It means "tasty" or "good", usually in regard to food or drink.