Monday, January 09, 2006

Company organizes towns to boost tourism

Interesting article on how Sonnino and nearby towns are trying to boost tourism.

(ANSA) - LATINA, 26 NOV - The Compagnia dei Lepini is the first group set up to develop tourism in the Lepini area. The company represents the towns of Prossedi, Bassiano, Priverno, Norma, Sermoneta, Sezze, Roccasecca dei Volsci, Sonnino, Roccagorga, Roccamassima, Maenza e Cori (Latina); Gorga, Segni, Carpineto Romano, Montelanico and Artena (Rome); the provincial administrations of Latina and Rome, the XIII and XVIII mountain communities, Bic Lazio, Latina's Chamber of Commerce, and the Regional Agency for Development. The general objective is to develop a state-funded programme to help increase tourism in the entire area. The first part of the public funds will be allocated by the end of 2004 and the programme will take off after an initial phase dedicated to planning. ''The major innovation of the Stile project - explained the director of the Compagnia dei Lepini, Fabrizio di Sauro - is a strategy of development based on the valorisation of an area with common historic roots, which has now decided to invest in a common objective''. The projects are different. They range from 'Welcome area' project, aimed at setting up information offices to welcome tourists in every town of the Lepinis, to the 'Excursion ring 111', aimed at setting up a route for cars, motorcycles and bicycles\connecting all towns in the area. Moreover, the 'New Hospitality' project will renovate a number of public buildings that are today unused, and the 'Notoriety' will work on communications and marketing programme. Finally, the 'Wine and gourmet circuits' offers visitors the opportunity to discover local food and wines and the 'Sports vacation' organizes and promotes sport activities that can be carried out in the Lepini area. (ANSA).

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